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To Speed-Up Connections to Your Website

  1. Create free Cloud Account
  2. Add your domain to the Cloud DNS system
  3. Change your NS settings from your domain provider (GoDaddy, etc.) to our new DNS addresses.

Test your website speed after three steps. You will see it load faster.

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How This Speed-Up Works?

We determine the geographical location of the visitor and direct the access request from the six different DNS servers to the physically closest one. Unnecessary resolution times and irrelevant servers are thus removed from path, and your website loads quicker.

Cloud DNS
Auto Registration to DNS Servers

Auto Registration to DNS Servers

When you register the domain name to the Cloud DNS service, your registration is automatically written to our DNS servers with the addresses below, and our service instantly starts to work for you.

Yenibosna / Istanbul / Turkey
Bursa / Turkey
Levent / Istanbul / Turkey
London / United Kingdom
Amsterdam / Netherlands
New York / USA
Easy to Use Panel

Easy to Use in 3 Steps

  1. Create free Cloud Account
  2. Add your domain to the Cloud DNS system
  3. Change your NS settings from your domain provider (GoDaddy, etc.) to our new DNS addresses.
Cloud DNS Dashboard
%99.98 Uptime

Always Up

The table below gives you an estimate of percentage of your accessibility to your server when it is running.

Domain Records

Domain Records

It is quick and easy to create the necessary records for your transactions. Moreover, you can record your records with the lifetime (TTL) you specify.

DNS Kaydı - Yaşam Süresi Types of records you can use;
A (IPv4 Address)
CNAME (Domain)
NS (DNS Server)
MX (Mail Exchanger)
TXT (Text)
Use with All Servers

Use with All Servers

Whether you are using with your PlusClouds server, or with a server in another location, access faster.

DNS Queries on LAN

DNS Queries on LAN

You can query DNS on your local network. So when you are querying at high speed, you are not affected by DNS Poisoning and DNS attacks.

Stronger with Leo

Stronger with Leo

Add your records, Leo check the correctness of records for you. If there is a problem, Leo will report immediately.

Ready Gmail & Yandex Mail

Ready Gmail & Yandex Mail

Use ready-to-deploy templates to add Google Application and Yandex Email applications.

Quick Templates
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