Security on Cloud

Security on Cloud

Your Platform's Security is Important for Us

Safer infrastructure with Intel TXT

What is Intel TXT

What is Intel TXT Main purpose of Intel TXT is to be able to measure preferences of hardware and booting sequence of operating system. Safer platform is maintained with these three steps;

1- Reliability of platform and operating system is checked,
2- If platform is approved then PlusClouds allow virtual machines to boot on this machine.
3- With this way platforms which are not allowed to run virtual machines will be taken out of the pool and general consistency and security of the pool remains the same.

One more step for more security

Software-Defined Networking (SDN)

With this technology PlusClouds can control all switches, firewalls and gateways to provide adaptive security while security rules for servers are changing and provides the best security for changes in the infrastructure.

Special Proxy/NAT Rules & Traffic Manager

Close Your Server to Direct Access

By using PlusClouds custom built NAT and Proxy services you have the ability to stop direct connections to your server, which will give you extra security options and you can stop third parties to reach your control ports like SSH.

Easy Application Control with Traffic Manager

By using Traffic Manager you can optimize your resource needs and adapts your needs and let your application run with 100% uptime.