Yazılım Tanımlı Ağlar (SDN)

Yazılım Tanımlı Ağlar (SDN)

Yazılım Tanımlı Ağlar ile Çok Daha Güvenli

Network Virtualization for Much More Flexibility

Through SDN, which is embedded into Orchestrator Leo, network devices in the whole infrastructure of cloud are administered automatically and optimized by the software. PlusClouds providing instant statistics of server, you can see your servers resources live and detect unexpected loads to make new arrangements in your software if required. Thus, unexpected occasions cannot occur and despite the whole system is working as pool logic, network traffic is isolated with high security thanks to Orchestrator Leo which define rules dynamically for networking hardware.

Real Cloud uses SDN

PlusClouds is the only company that uses SDN for cloud computing in the region. To provide our customers a real cloud experience as well as performance, security and scalability we are using built in SDN orchestrator.

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SDN, the new kind of network virtualization, provides low-cost enterprise data centers and private cloud solutions including everything towards completing the last piece of the puzzle.

Didem Duru - Dell Turkey

Software defined network is expected to have a great impact on virtualization applications. In addition, carry of huge data quickly and efficiently on a network, needs the use of software defined network.

Ömer Faruk Erünsal - ZyXEL Turkey

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