PlusClouds consumes & makes you consume


for the same job.

We protect the environment with your support.

Green IT
Green IT

Green IT

Intel DCM Supported Environment Friendly Servers

In addition to environment friendly infrastructure, we monitor heat and power consumption 24/7

With its 4000 servers per cabinet performance PlusClouds is using 95% less power to create same output and be responsible to the environment. By using Intel DCM we monitor heat produced by servers and power consumption 24/7 to create reliable infrastructure.

As opposed to classical barebone servers our infrastructure hinders for 3 trees to be cut off. If you are using 10 PlusClouds Cloud Servers, you save 30 trees every year!

Benefits of Green IT

  • Lower power consumption, lower operational costs
  • Possibility to work with safe environment which, power consumption and heat are monitored 24/7,
  • A system that is always up to date with new technologies and updates,
  • A service that makes you and your users respectful to environment.